NCIA Minority Business Council (NCIA-MBC)

The first established NCIA Council, the Minority Business Council, has a mission through NCIA's Inclusion Initiative to work with under-represented groups and individuals who seek access to join or expand their reach within the industry. Diversity and inclusion are essential to the fulfillment of NCIA's mission and the success of the cannabis industry, and that inclusion should extend to access to licensing, business opportunity, education and training, industry climate, staff recruitment, hiring, and retention.

The NCIA-MBC resolves to maintain a business-based community that is respectful of all persons despite differences in age, citizenship, disability, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, geographic origin, language, marital status, nationality, philosophical beliefs, race, religion, sexual orientation, military service, socioeconomic status, or previous incarceration (for unjust marijuana offenses).

Contribute to the Inclusion Initiative and Scholarship Fund to provide financial assistance to under-represented groups and individuals seeking to take advantage of NCIA's educational and networking events. Your support will help us take concrete steps to build the kind of inclusive, level playing field that is essential to the industry's success.

NCIA-MBC Meeting Documents